#1 tech startup event to squeeze time

This was The Big Squeeze.be 2021

It's a wrap!
With more than 270 attendees, 570  one-on-one meetings or 3670 meeting minutes, we believe The Big Squeeze.be was on fire.
A true virtual hotspot on all things startup! We hope you connected with many interesting profiles and discovered useful tips to boost your growth. Thank you for contributing to our time squeezing mission! 

The models you put forward today, confirm that there are a lot of strong entrepreneurial stories being written today.
I hope that your passion, your entrepreneurial passion, will be highly contagious, and may grow into a pandemic of entrepreneurship.

The winners of The Big Squeeze Awards

With over 3600 cast votes, the turnout was record breaking. A huge congratulations to the well-deserved winners! 

The Big Squeeze at a glance

More than 40 experts during 22 expert classes shared their insights on various startups topics. A quick recap of what's been said by various thought leaders and industry experts: 

Research & Development track

"Everyone makes mistakes during product development, even Apple. Make sure you take enough time for your analysis before jumping into production."

Wouter Foulon, Founder at Comate

"When partnering with corporates, make sure everyone from the C-level up until the sales team is aligned. Otherwise you'll waste your precious time and no extra revenue will be generated."

David Dessers, Partner at Cresco

“Next to correct data and the ability to train your AI model, it is also important to implement the right framework in the organisation to monitor the quality. As AI is a black box, it's not your usual Saas.”

Robby Wauters,
Venture Acceleration Manager at imec.istart

People & HR track

"10% of organizations will be in an almost fully virtual setting, 60% will stay hybrid and 30% will go back to the office."

Peter Geiregat, Managing Director at Giant Steps & ex-CPO at Showpad

"It's your people that make it happen, so reward your people, shout out successes and don’t forget to have some fun!"

Jennifer Gardner, Head of People at Deliverect

“Any experience allows you to have a better experience next time. The things that you learn by doing, will eventually mean your value as an entrepreneur will increase.”

Jürgen Ingels, Managing Partner at SmartFin

Finance & Funding track

“50% of finance transformation processes fail due to the complexity and not having invested in a finance team.”

Laurent Marcelis, CFO at Unifiedpost

"Scaling requires finance as a service where you can pick finance expertise you need in short and long term. Forecasting, accounting needs completely other skills than fundraising."

Martijn Joris, CEO Twikit (Moore expert class)

“Be consistent and communicate clearly towards investors, that’s also the way you probably will communicate with clients.”

Lucas Stoops,
Investment Manager at Force Over Mass Capital

Go Global track

"Build a great team, not only internally, also externally. Surround yourself with people you can trust. And don't only dream of getting bigger, just do it."

Jürgen Verstaen & Ellen Malfliet, Unifly 

“Don’t take it for granted that a Belgian contract will work in another jurisdiction.”

Kristof De Vulder,
Country Managing Partners at DLA Piper Belgium

“Don’t hold back, the easiest things are the things that we thought we would find difficult. All the boring admin stuff is the easy stuff. If you bring your enthusiasm to a market place that wants it, that is so exciting.”

Mike Thomas, Director UK at Tangent Works (TradeUK expert class)