Will we soon be operated on by an autonomous robot?

A technological look ahead in the healthcare industry  

Technological development is of great importance within the care and health sector. It is therefore no surprise that health tech startups are popping up like daisies and are increasingly manifesting themselves within standard procedures. Among other things, they contribute to cost and time reduction, reduce capacity in hospitals, ensure a more efficient approach by doctors and reduce the number of medical mistakes. To date, contact between new technology and patients remains mostly limited, although the pandemic is causing it to accelerate. In the future, will we be able to go on consultations via a mobile app? And will we next be operated on by an autonomous robot? A shortlist of tech trends within the sector that Belgian startups and initiatives are contributing to.  

Patient Companion Apps

A healthcare provider, doctor, etc. does not have the resources or the time to monitor and guide at fixed times. Patient Companion Apps make this possible and provide a structural, digital contact to support the patient in rehabilitation. Syndo Health is such Belgian application. Cardiac and high-risk patients are guided via a mobile app, to learn how to cope with their condition. Doctors, in turn, can consult the data to provide the patient with additional support and correct advice.  

Robots, VR &AR

The conversion to robotic surgery is on the rise. New vendors, including many startups, and an increase in investment are driving a rise in usage, and additional competition. This is resulting in a strong broadening and acceleration of possibilities. The real goal of telesurgery and automated surgery are still far in the future but we can already see the basis. VR and AR also have their applications here and are used for training purposes regarding robotic surgery, among other things. For example, you can now go to Orsi Academy, the center for surgical innovation near Ghent, for training with the VR simulator Eyesi Surgical from VRmagic.  

Mental &physical well-being  

In addition to mobile applications focusing on exercise, behavioral modifications,diet and meal plans, more and more consumer electronics are entering the market to guide you to a more qualitative and healthy lifestyle. A great example of this is Moonbird, this Belgian startup developed a device that teaches you to breathe correctly which would help in reducing stress, among other things.    

Syndo Health, Moonbird and other Belgian tech startups from the sector will come together next week, on April 29, during The Big Score #5 HealthTech, which will be broadcast live from the Orsi Academy. There they will pitch in front of various investors, corporates, etc with the aim of securing investment or collaboration.  

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