The Big Bounce - June 2, 2020

After a record breaking first edition (Veerkracht), we are very happy to announce a second edition of this online networking event: The Big Bounce. Together with Conversation Starter, we want to invite all innovative Belgian entrepreneurs to bounce around and boost business on Tuesday, June 2 starting from 4PM. | will again provide a crisp line up of qualitative startup founders, experts, investors and corporates to fast track innovation and collaboration with high tech companies.  

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What to expect? 1-1 calls with new business partners
- Startups and creative entrepreneurs with challenges and clever solutions.
- Established companies and investors looking for innovation or funding opportunities.
- Governments, experts and consultants providing answers, niche-advice or mentoring.

When, where & how can you participate? Tuesday, June 2 2020 starting at 4PM
- Register for free and share offers and requests from your organisation.
- Browse participants and send invitations for 1-on-1 video calls.
- During the event you'll meet up to 14 people via the pre-scheduled meetings of 12min.
- Registration to the networking tool and first 2 meetings are on us.
- As from the third meeting onward, it's only €24 (ex.VAT) to schedule the other 12 calls.  
And thanks to the user friendly web application of Conversation Starter you don't need to install anything.

Who will be joining us?  
Talk to established professionals like Sofie Bracke (City of Ghent), Jurgen Ingels (SmartFin), Frank Maene (Volta ventures), Aelbrecht Van Damme (The Harbour), Bart De Waele (Duke&Grace), Thierry Geerts (Google), Wim De Waele (The Beacon, Elie Devlieger (Telenet) and many more.