Failed but not finished

If there is one thing entrepreneurs are afraid of, it is failing. But seeking your dreams is about stepping up and becoming a leader. In the process, you will make some missteps. So what? It is important to break through the stigma of failing being fatal. Failing forward Faalfolies tries to crack this stigmatization by organizing monthly get-togethers to listen to successful failing stories. So far there have been three faalfolie-nights and there are still a lot more to come.

Faalfolie Kortrijk

The first Faalfolie took place in Kortrijk in January. It was a very successful first edition with three top speakers: Jorn Vanysacker (INTUO), Serge Waterschoot (Worldline global) and Wouter Nuyten (Disendo).

Each of them shared important remarks when it comes to failing. Jorn was able to remind us that if you want to become successful, you have to shoot a lot of arrows before you hit the right spot. During the presentations, it becomes very clear that none of the entrepreneurs regret failing. Because, like Serge told us, ‘Failing opens your eyes and when that happens you can use the experience in other projects’. Wouter closed the first Faalfolie and didn’t want to leave us without something to keep in mind. ‘Don’t do things alone, speak about it with others so you’re not on your own.’ Looks like inspirational quotes are key to understand why failing doesn’t have to be such a big concern.

Faalfolie Leuven

Exactly one month later the second Faalfolie took place. This time in Leuven. Again, some excellent speakers discussed their failing stories. Carlo Celis (A.SMILE), Heidi Rakels (Guardsquare)  en Guy Dierick (CAT –Leuven)  gave the best of themselves to inspire others. Carlo was the youngest entrepreneur in the room but surprised us with how much he already went through and achieved. He didn’t bother to admit that he went to fast and will think things through in the future.

If Heidi Rakels, ex-judoka, told us one thing to remember it will be that choosing your partners wise fully is one of the most important factors that can make your business or fail your business. Luckily this experience made her business. It’s obvious that Guy wants us to know that choosing the right partners was also a critical element in his failing story. He was promised a brilliant future by working close with Belgacom, but it turned out otherwise. This night was, again, full of breathtaking stories, that kept the mind busy for days.

If you’re waiting for the perfect time to get inspired, the time is now! Go to Faalfolie Antwerpen and sign up for our next Faalfolie on May 18th in Antwerp.  

You can’t be there? Don’t worry, there are still more Faalfolies coming up! Gent, Hasselt & Leuven are next on the list …

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