Life Panel: Personal stories about Failing Forward

I bet you think the name hides positive vibes and lots of good things. In part you are right, but truth is that it is about what many call the dark side of entrepreneurship: failure.

The LIFE project is about collaborative learning from failure in entrepreneurship and collaborative actions to bring entrepreneurship forward. It aims to overcome distributed markets and decentralized policy by providing access to pan-European case studies, talent & relevant expertise to sufficient financing and to adequate facilities and networks. Failing Forward LIFE's panel in 2016 featured seasoned entrepreneurs from all over Europe who went through the bumpy road to building sustainable businesses. Last, but not at least they pinpointed a vital, yet rarely brought up topic: mental health issues of entrepreneurs. Conclusions were bright though, the stigma of failed entrepreneurs is fading - slowly but firmly.

Robin Wauters - moderator - founding editor of, former European Editor of global technology news site The Next Web and previously senior reporter at TechCrunch, a Silicon Valley-based tech blog and event organizer.

Carmen Bermejo – founder of Spanish Startup Association & Tetuan Valley

Ricardo Marvão – co-founder of Beta-i & Portuguese Startup Association

Justine Harcourt de Tourville – strategy, brand & marketing expert

Rob Aalders – RAUM Urban Media, expert, startup community builder from Eindhoven

Listen to all the panelists who shared their personal stories about #failingfwd, discussed European best practices how to bring the "phoenix" (or "being ambitious") attitude forward and education's role in it.

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