Charlotte Gréant joins & as General Manager & just got a strong new addition to its team, as Charlotte Gréant joined the organization as General Manager & just got a strong new addition to its team, as Charlotte Gréant joined the organization as General Manager starting July 1, 2019. In this new role, Charlotte will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations and strategy implementation, focused on delivering high-quality matchmaking events and data-driven insights to better serve the Belgian tech ecosystem.

Charlotte Gréant started her career in Benin as the manager of a public transport company called Baobab Express. With Charlotte Gréant on the lead, the company grew from 12 to 50 employees and shifted gears from being a loss-making to a profitable local company. Before joining &, Charlotte Gréant spent the three years of her career launching and growing the B-Hive US Hub. At B-Hive, she gained a significant experience in a variety of fields, including business development, community building and event management.

"I’ve always had an enormous admiration for and, its people and its expertise. The hard work and dedication result in fantastic events, missions and an impressive added value for the Belgian techscene. The team has proven enough that it is capable of extraordinary achievements, and I feel very honored to join such a strong and professional organization.” says Charlotte Gréant, General Manager of &

Besides making sure that the day-to-day operations run smoothly, Charlotte Gréant’s focus will be towards building a strong community and boosting partnerships.

New Leadership, Stronger Mission

Since January 2019, & joined forces to solidify its offering for the Belgian tech ecosystem at large. Both organizations share one goal: to become the leading growth platform in Belgium that brings startups, scale-ups, investors, government and corporates to together for innovation and co-creation.

“Time squeezing is at the heart of what we do, and we enable this through inspiration, intelligence, matchmaking and internationalization.Together with the team, I am very delighted and proud that Charlotte will take on this role in the newly-merged organization. With the daily operations of both & firmly under her control, I’m certain she will help advance the organization towards future activities that support our main goal of building a data-driven ecosystem that also delivers on high-quality matchmaking.”says Jurgen Ingels, Founder of

In the new strategic roadmap of &, the organization ultimately aims to empower the Belgium tech ecosystem with data-driven insights and high-quality business networking and inspiration events such as The Big Score, The Big Squeeze and SuperNova that are key for tech startups & scale-ups in Belgium to achieving transformation, growth and new innovation.