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September 7, 2021
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Ideas have never been more necessary than they are now!

RESTART 2021 event is an international startup and idea competition that brings ideas, projects, and solutions to make our future more livable and sustainable together on one platform. The competition's theme is not limited to the difficulties caused by the epidemic ( e.g., health, education) because it's clear that extensive changes are needed worldwide. It’s time to rethink our immediate environment, change our habits, and make it easier and more direct for innovators to collaborate.

What do you need to do for a change?

Hit 'registration,' create your profile @POZI.IO, upload your ideas, build a team, brainstorm, inspire others, work, and grow with the best!

How is RESTART different from other startup competitions and hackathons?

You can register for the competition starting on the 5th of September, 2021, in two categories: IDEA and STARTUP. With the help of excellent innovation specialists and mentors, you can create an online One-Pager to present your ideas and projects during the RESTART 2021 program. Then, our pre-jury and your friends can vote for them through an open platform (voting starts on 6th September).

The ranking is based on the votes, and a professional jury will select the best 10-10 ideas and startups to be presented at the online mini-conference. In addition, you have a chance to get investments from our VCs and angel investors!

But the journey doesn't stop there!

RESTART 2021 mentors will provide additional advice and help with the implementation after the competition. Competitors can also validate their ideas during and after the competition period. Receiving feedback and opinions from other entrants, so they can support each other in implementing new solutions.

This is what you will get:

Acknowledged mentors and experts will review submitted projects and ideas. With the help of mentors, the TOP 10 applicants are to create a percussive pitch deck and video. The pitch videos will be introduced to the jury and run for a possible investment.

So, Do not hesitate to APPLY NOW!


  • 2021.10.03 (Sunday) - Registration deadline
  • 2021.10.04 (Monday) - 2021.10.11 (Monday) - mentor feedbacks and public ratings.
  • 2021.10.11 (Monday) - Selection of 10-10 idea and startup shortlists
  • 2021.10.16 (Saturday) - Demo Day

Schedule of Demo Day (2021.10.16)

  • [15:30-16:00] - Venue preparation & Video streaming setup
  • [16:00-16:18] Guests arrival
  • [16:18] 2' - Welcome Speech
  • [16:20] 10' - Restart/Pozi introduction
  • [16:30] 10' - Jury Introduction
  • [16:40] Ideas - 10 x 3' pitches+1' setup time (pre-recorded videos)
  • [17:20] Projects - 10 x 3' pitches+1' setup time (pre-recorded videos)
  • [18:00] Ideas & Projects - 20 x 3 minutes Q&A
  • [19:00] 30' Jury Time - Networking (Roundtable)
  • [19:30] 2' The Jury Summarize speech about the competition
  • [19:32] 20' Winners are....
  • [19:52] 5' (optional) INVESTORS special or grand prices
  • [19:57] - social media: Winners post
  • [20:00] Event breakdown ailed description of your competition.
  • Restart 2021 International Ideathon & Startup competition

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October 3, 2021
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