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March 25, 2021
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Go Global Berlin

Accelerate your access to the German e-health market through “DiGA”

When launching its Digital Healthcare Act in December 2019, Germany positioned itself as a top country for digital health innovation.  

The Fast-Track Process for Digital Health Applications (in German DiGA) allows for digital technologies to be introduced into outpatient clinical practice and reimbursed by Germany’s statutory health insurers. This reform creates an access to a market of 73 million insured citizens.

Up to now, 11 digital health apps – treating a wide range of conditions such as tinnitus, migraine and insomnia – have already been listed, and there is an additional 55 in the certification process.  

Why should you participate?

  • Discover the opportunities and the challenges offered by DiGA
  • Understand the conditions and procedure for health and telemedicine apps approval by the German health authorities 
  • Learn from peers that are currently applying to DiGA
  • Meet potential German and Belgian business partners through the online individual networking meetings