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Winning the pitch competition at the Startups Nations Summit in Mexico has been a great boost for Turbulent,
Turbulent was nominated by as the Belgian representative for the Startup Nations Summit 2015, an annual meeting that gathers a network of startup community leaders and policymakers
from around the world to help better enable high impact entrepreneurship.

Geert Slachmuylders,
CEO of Turbulent

Teamleader got great exposure on Euronews thanks to
If we would not have been in their database, this would have been a lot more difficult to achieve.
Needless to say that a feature on Euronews is very valuable for the European growth traject of Teamleader.

Jeroen De Wit,
CEO of Teamleader


Winning the Startup of the Year Award at Tech Startup Day gave us recognition for the hard work we put in Small Teaser,
and it significantly increased our credibility in the Belgian startup landscape.

Ruth Janssens,
CEO of Small Teaser.