Together with our partners at DataScouts, we have done an intensive week-long sprint to bring our leading Belgian tech startup & scale-up database to the next level.

What has changed?

  • All innovative companies, including startups, scale-ups, established companies and service providers are now categorized as “innovators.
  • Only “Startups & Scale-ups”, “Enablers” and “Investors” will be displayed on the public map.
  • We updated the taxonomies, resulting in more accessible actor profiles, a better structure of the database and thus clear and actionable insights for all stakeholders. Click here to view the taxonomy guide.
  • We also put in a lot of effort to updating company websites, social media handles and company descriptions from LinkedIn pages to be able to bring the completeness % up to a higher level

What's in it for you?

  • Enjoy better visibility among startups, enablers and investors that have a strong appetite for collaboration  
  • Those who have claimed their profiles can get access to the portfolio of VCs and enablers that can help you grow your business.  

Now, how can you make your company even more visible?

1.       Update your profile now to remain top-of-mind. Here's a best practice example from Digiteal.

  •  Confirm the industry where your current customers & prospects are active in
  •  Confirm the technologies you are using to deliver your products & services
  •  While you’re at it, check whether there’s any other information you’d like to update!

2.       Have any events or announcements you’d like to share? Broadcast it to the community using the message board.