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«For me's GoGlobal mission to Singapore was one of the most fruitful missions I've attended»

Ron Schuermans, CFO at Playpass.

«The quality was to be found in the great mixture of contacts which VCs, journalists, Belgians leading to potential partners, people from the startup scene and companies that can help us to set up our business fast. I collected over 20 hot leads to follow up, that’s a lot for a 'non sales'-mission.” “We like to participate in missions from, because they have been very useful for us in the past. At SXSW for instance, we met an agency that’s based in LA and we were able to sign a deal with them. Soma Innovation Lab is now of our valuable partners in the US»

Pieter Van Leugenhagen, co-founder of yondr.

«I can’t recommend those GoGlobal missions of enhough. In Singapore, we had an almost gruelling schedule that allowed us to really experience the scene. Blockchain is applicable to everything, so will we certainly join other missions too!»

Roderik van der Veer, co-founder and CTO of SettleMint.